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This is You can share files and text securely with others.

You can use in one of three ways:

  • Without logging in, simply copy the link you get from us and share it as you wish
  • By registering for a free account and then sharing your links, this allows you to save some settings
  • By registering for a paid account and then sharing your links, this allows you to save some settings as well as more features and longer retention

We do not share any information with a third party other than as directly instructed by you. In regards to EU GDPR, we process data ("data processor") on behalf of you and according to your instructions ("data controller"). If you register for an account, we do use your e-mail address as a way to communicate with you.

This service does not use any third party cookies or traffic analysis tools. Any cookies set on this site, are for the sole use by this service.

No files or texts that you share using this service are under any circumstances kept longer than 30 days. Free usage of this service comes without support or guarantee of any kind. All free accounts will be removed automatically if not used for 90 days. All data is stored within the EU.

This service may not be used to willfully break the laws of Sweden nor to willfully break the laws of the country in which the sending or receiving party is in at the time the service is used.

The service is developed and operated by WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB, Sweden (